Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year! and may I please ask for your vote at Spoonflower?

My very best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful, fun, colourful, inspiring, delightful and delicious NEW YEAR! 
To 2016!! Clink!

For me this year is going to be full of new design confections in delicious sugar coated bright pastels including my first paisley textile design and a hexagon/quilty based design that I've been planning on doing for a couple of years now - I will be getting to the hexxy as my next design so off to the drawing board and watercolour paint box with me!

This weeks challenge at Spoonflower was "Windows" - I started off planning to do a much more literal version of Gothic stained glass windows but it just wasn't working out so I decided to let the motifs I was working with lead me where they would - and this design above is the result. An ode to the architectural tracery of the Gothic Cathedral with the colours and some motifs of stained glass glowing against a black ground to accentuate the light.

You can vote for my design HERE
the order changes for each voter so and you can only vote the once - thanks so much for taking the time to vote, there are quite the number of entries over there - I appreciate it so much!

Here is the LINK to Gothic Windows Homage in my Spoonflower shop - it will soon be available in many fabrics, wallpaper and wrapping paper - if you would like to order now please be in touch via the form in the right hand column of this blog - thank you!!

My 2016 Calendar design is still available in a number of my online shops on a variety of items - please check my last BLOGPOST for details - thank you!