Friday, April 22, 2016

The honour of your vote is once again most kindly requested

Spoonflower has recently changed the timing and focus of their design competitions which used to be weekly and more 'for fun' but are now monthly and have a specific focus. This first challenge is a collaboration between Spoonflower and one of their new divisions Sprout Patterns.

"Submit a Japanese Garden-themed design you think would look great on Sprout Patterns’ Asaka Kimono by Named Clothing. The winner’s design will be featured in the launch of this new pattern and all top-ten designers will receive great prizes!"

If you would like to vote for my "Kimono Bouquet" pattern please click
My sincere thanks for your vote - just fyi the voting reorders for each voter, you can only vote once and you don't have to sign in to vote!

Sprout Patterns is a new service that allows you to combine indie sewing patterns with Spoonflower designs to create customized cut and sew projects. Sprout takes away the work of tracing a sewing pattern onto fabric and lets you truly enjoy the process of making your own garments and accessories.
 I am populating all my online shops with this new design - which I hand painted in watercolour on paper before scanning cleaning getting ready for the templates in Photoshop and then uploading to my items which range from smartphone cases, framed art prints, spandex leggings, beanies, scarves and home decor items too. Thus far I have created 6 different iterations of/from this initial design as I love the idea of mixing and matching the patterns for pillows on a sofa, a different but co-ordinated legging with a fun beanie etc etc etc
For this collection at Spoonflower please click HERE

For Kimono Bouquet leggings at Redbubble please click HERE

For Kimono Bouquet collection at Society6 please click HERE 

 For this Kimono Bouquet collection at ArtOfWhere - for beanies, spandex ankle and capri leggings - please click HERE
For large (55" square) silky chiffon scarves please click HERE

My thanks to Gaia Marfurt for so kindly creating this sweet Kimono Doll for me and others in the challenge to decorate with their designs.
As with all of my designs I originate my artwork in watercolour, Winsor and Newton, on watercolour paper blocks by the same - with W & N series 7 paintbrushes - can you tell I am loyal to Winsor & Newton? I transfer the design from my original sketch via the wonderful auspices of old fashioned pencil and tracing paper....
and after I have a faint outline on my pad I then start the process of layering my watercolour paints in wash upon wash until my design is complete
 - then it's off to the scanner and Photoshop for the ultimate creation of a final set of file
which I can upload to my various online shops.
Thanks so much for taking the time to vote - appreciatively, PatriciaSheaDesigns