Friday, February 26, 2016

How many different designs can you make from one motif?

So here's where the journey of my Pastel Carousel Mandala began. On the right is the original pencil sketch design I used as my jumping off point - on the left is the finished painted mandala - created in watercolour paints on Arches hot press paper with my lovely Winsor and Newton series 7 brushes.
As you can see the whole colour palette changed to a more bright pastel theme, and some of the layout changed too - once you start the actual layout and begin painting I find the design takes on a life of it's own and starts telling you how to proceed.
So once the design was painted up I scanned it at a very high resolution so I could create the huge design files I needed going forward, and then started my layouts in Photoshop - when I commenced creating the motif into allover repeats and placements the ideas began flowing and didn't stop for quite a while!! I was having so much fun that I ended up with 18 different design layouts which I then prepared for my print on demand online shops. I hope my joy of creating is reflected in the finished products.
 Then I had the fun of naming the design - sometimes that can be the hardest part - once I alighted on 'carousel' with the image of those delightful whirling painted horses I then though of confetti at a wedding - all of which comes in this same colour palette as my design and thus the name was set and I have used various and sundry versions of it on each design and in each shop.

 I have created collections in each of my online shops so you can visit just this Pastel Carousel Confetti grouping in each
SPOONFLOWER - for fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper.
SOCIETY6 - for art prints, apparel, home decor and techcessories
REDBUBBLE - similar but different to Society6 with the addition of wonderful 55" square chiffon scarves. 
ARTofWHERE - gorgeous spandex leggings, skirts and beanies made in Canada, designed by yours truly! 

PLUS I have finally recreated my website from scratch - it's been a LONG time coming - and I did it all myself without a template - my biggest challenge was keeping it simple - please let me know what you think, any constructive criticisms are gratefully received.
Thank you for taking a look at my new design collection - I
hope to see you soon in cyberspace either here or at Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest
I have a new design in the works based on a hexagonal layout - I should be rolling that out in about a month or so so please stay tuned!
with THANKS!!!