Friday, October 30, 2015

A vote for my 2016 Tea Towel Calendar would be most appreciated!

Here is my entry for this years Tea Towel Competition at Spoonflower - there are quite the number of entries this year but if you have a couple of minutes may I ask you ever so nicely to vote for me, here is the link:
There are some very pretty and clever entries - shame more people can't win first place! 

My 2016 calendar design is also available at REDBUBBLE and SOCIETY6 on a limited number of items

I composed my entry from an allover textile pattern called Blue Rhapsody and a watercolour illustration of the ever so pretty Old World Swallowtail Butterfly. I wasn't sure what direction I was going in in the beginning but suddenly the design started to take shape and I ended up with what I am calling an ode to The Farmers Almanac style of graphic poster layout.

I have both the blue floral and the butterfly designs for sale in a number of my online shops separately and combined:
Blue Rhapsody is available in my SPOONFLOWER shop as fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper, and in both my REDBUBBLE and SOCIETY6 shops on all manner of goodies. 
Here are the links to my Swallowtail illustration in REDBUBBLE and SOCIETY6 
 and last but not least the Swallowtail  Butterfly atop Blue Rhapsody in REDBUBBLE and SOCIETY6 
and most recently as a Slouch Beanie HERE 

Thanks ever so much for your vote - I really appreciate it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wild Maine Blueberry designs abound!

Wild Maine Blueberries are quite the joy to behold as well as eat! I just happen to live a short walk away from a barren and this year was the harvest year - it happens every other year, and I thought it was high time I created some designs for my online shops with an illustration of these colourful, bloomed beauties. Luckily my desire to finally illustrate these berries of delight coincided with a competition at Spoonflower for a botanical design and thus my blueberries finally came into being. 
This was my competition entry replete with the flowers and early white berries, for indeed not all stages of the blueberries are blue.
.....and following are the ways I have used the sprig to create a number of blueberry patterns for my multiple and sundry online shops. 
(To go directly to the items pictured please click on the bold shop name in the descriptions - thanks!)
The simple Blueberry Single Sprig in my SOCIETY6 shop
Dynamic Maine Blueberry leggings also in my SOCIETY6 shop
My wonderful 55" square chiffon scarf at my REDBUBBLE shop

As wallpaper, many different fabrics and wrapping paper in my SPOONFLOWER shop

The single sprig twirled into a wreath, lattice allover design
and another Chiffon Scarf at REDBUBBLE
A hardbound journal at REDBUBBLE - this can be customized with your name, be in touch via my Facebook page
Most assuredly a dynamic pair of leggings also in my REDBUBBLE shop
To all my Blueberry Collection at SOCIETY6 - home decor, apparel, techcessories etc - and new THROW BLANKETS

Finally here's a link to all my Maine Blueberry Designs at my SPOONFLOWER shop in fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper - all design can be custom sized to your needs - just give a holler!

Oh no wait - hold the presses - just in - beanies - lined beanies!!
At my ArtofWhere shop - yea!!!

Thanks so much for taking a look at my Maine Blueberries!