Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Wow! Now you can get custom made furniture covered with my fabric designs!

I cannot express to you how literally over-the-moon, thrilled to pieces, chuffed to bits I am that the options continue to grow, seemingly exponentially, in my wondrous realm of Print On Demand resources!
The latest, just fantastic, addition is custom made chairs from the Spoonflower sister company "Roostery" in two styles - the Venda Sloped Arm Chair (pictured above) and the Maran Slipper Chair below:

So you can have either of these chairs custom made in North Carolina in any of the designs from my Spoonflower shop in either eco canvas or faux suede.

Be still my heart!

As ever you can request some customization on the fabric part of the chairs - if you would like a background colour changed (not always possible varies by the designs) or the design rescaled (smaller is easier than larger) please be in touch via the message form in the right hand column here on the blog, or be message on my FACEBOOK business page. Your wish will be my happy command!

Thanks for taking a look and see you soonish