Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter Images from Maine

Frozen apples with little caps of snow
A whole tree of colourful frozen apples looks so nice against the frigid white landscape...I didn't know the apples stayed on and froze 'til I moved to Maine
Berries with caps look nice too...these are the ones I used
in the ice wreath below

I made this ice wreath in a bundt pan...which my lovely friend Brenda recently gave to me....I put dried pee-gee hydrangea sprays and the berries from above in the pan and then covered them with water and left it outside to freeze...heaven knows it colder outside than I can ever get our fridge freezer to be. It is surprising how even when the temps are frigid the wreath still melted and whicked away from sublimation.
It is now but a memory!

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