Monday, May 11, 2009

Tussocks of violets, blueberry flowers and more daffs!!

Up on blueberry hill right now are the loveliest tussocks of violets sprinkled all over the landscape in and around the burgeoning blueberries, whose flowers can you can see here
Another tussock....sadly these violets don't have any discernible smell..otherwise wouldn't it be lovely to make something with them, and I do like the idea of some sublime dish made with both the violets and blueberries together, some pale lavendar coloured, delicate confection...OH MY!!
A view from atop blueberry hill looking towards Seasport, Maine

These are the most magnificent daffodils I have ever seen...they are regal, robust and redolent with a heady scent like magnolias or orange blossoms...they are very tall and withstand heavy rain, and they come in late in the season after the other, more ordinary daffs, have gone by. They are called Acropolis if you have the desire to head out this autumn and plant them in vast swaths!!


acornmoon said...

Is this the same hill where Fats Domino found his thrill? It looks spectacular.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What gorgeous flowers and stunning view!



Cakebrain said...

I absolutely love violets! I'm wondering if those are the kind you can candy? candied violets make perfect toppers for cupcakes! gorgeous pics!

Term papers said...

These flowers are amazing! So colorful and lifelike. Simply Gorgeous! I really enjoy the beautiful Blueberry Flowers photos on your blog.