Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Recycling my artwork!

I designed this illustration for a paper products company some few years ago and it was quite successful on paper plates, napkins and the like. Just recently I realized I could rework it with some nice hand lettering into a tribute to Mother Nature and our local farmers so here I am adding the lettering to the basic central design. All my artwork is done by hand, mostly with watercolour paints as here, I do type out the lettering on the computer first but then I trace it and put it onto the necessary curve by hand and that gives me the ability to let the lettering have a human touch in slight inconsistencies here and there in the quality of the line.

Here is little Eleanor helping me paint....she is very good at constructive criticisms!!

The final design with the lettering added...I have to say I am quite pleased with the result!!

Here is the design applied to a fitted women's t-shirt......this one is organic...
...and a cute little baby's bodysuit, this one isn't organic but I do have organic one's at my Cafe Press store along with tote bags, greetings cards, lots of different t's for men and women and children and other various and sundry gift items...please do me the honour of taking a look by clicking here. Thanks so much!!!!
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