Sunday, November 15, 2009

Flowers to remind me...

It's about that time of the year here in Maine when you start to get that sinking feeling about how long it's going to be before you see flowers again in your yard...oh my goodness, we are talking about next May!! So I thought I would cheer myself up by showing you, and me!, some images I recently formatted for my newish online greetings card store. This pansy is my favourite I have to admit. I originally painted this in watercolour for my business card but decided to rescan it and try it out on a stark black background and here is the result.
Then we have an orange tulip I originally painted for Andrea by Sadek to be used on porcelain dessert plates and can see a picture of the mugs down below.....
The happy morning glory....
...a stately yellow bearded iris
and finally a luscious tea rose.
Here are the mugs by Sadek and below a large cake plate and slice to match. You'll notice I didn't use the purple pansy from the mug grouping...I much prefer the pink pansy at the top of the looks happier!!

I have to admit I do like these misty, mellow days of Fall but HEY, here's to next Spring!!
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