Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow, elves and glitter glue!!

Yes children it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Maine. Last night we had our first real snowfall. I have to admit I am still really excited about the first snowfall and I love sitting by the wood burning stove with all the pups and the kitten around watching the snow fall from the leaden skies, kettle on the boil, cookies in the oven...really that was me yesterday!! I can't wait for the snow plough to come by with it's huge lights blasting through the swirling snow, James thinks I look like I'm about 8 years old peering out the window to see the it go's very exciting! The very first time we experienced a snow plough here in Maine we thought a plane was landing on the road...they are huge and seem like something from 'The Polar Express'
Here is the field across the street in all it's winter glory.
...and the woods beside the house...aren't the lines on the trees wonderful? They are so perfect and, if the temperature is just right, they slowly peel off down the length of the tree.
Now what do you think the image in the middle of the picture looks like?? Does it resemble one of the little guys below. Cute little snow caps on annoying burrs, or should I say Brrrrrr's...tee hee
These two above are waiting patiently for you-know-what...keep toasty little guys!!
A couple of years ago I spent a few days in winter just before Christmas making my own tree ornaments, here are two that I still have, I had a grand old time with paperboard, old colour copies of my work and glitter glue, WHICH I is such fantastic stuff, never a, I could happily cover everything with glitter glue if I had my way....I make the dogs and James a little nervous when I start eyeballing them with a tube in my hand!! I shall be getting the glitter glue out any day now to have some more fun making ornaments for this year.
And finally "What happened to Hallowe'en?" Our little pumpkin is not so thrilled with the snow as we!!
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