Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When you look outside and see this...........

...careening down your road like something out of Mad Max... really do crave a little colour in your life. James very kindly hung these two 'mandalas' of mine one atop the other and they make for a colourful pair. I LOVE geometric is so contemplative laying it out and then once you have the groundwork done you can 'mindlessly' fill in the colours, just like Paint by Numbers, which I was a little obsessive about when I was a kid.
The only problem with the 'mindless' aspect is that many a time you end up running out of colours and the final spaces are surrounded by all the colours you've already used...ooops!!
Now what is this little treasure.....don't you love the way the cubes look hanging like this? James is creating a new maquette for a presentation in a couple of weeks...and he's heading off in a colourful direction too......
How cool are these?
And then of course it warms the cockles of your little cotton socks to see Eleanor and Harry sleeping toasty like pickles by the fire...Eleanor cautiously keeping an eyeball in Harry's direction .......just in case!!
Hey...this is my 1ooth post...who knew I had so much to type about!!
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