Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm so excited!!! I have a new toy....

Just a small post dear friends to say how excited I am that James has procured for us a wondrous refurbished large format printer which is archival and wonderful and OOOOH la la divine......this means that I can now offer my work as prints on nice watercolour paper, nice and big and non-fading (within reason of course), I do so like to hang on to my originals, I have such a hard time parting with them and now I have another avenue to explore where I don't have to say "Au revoir" to my creations. I didn't think a printer of this caliber would ever be within my reach but people the prices are dropping like lead pickles from the sky and yea!! for that!! If you have an interest in any image you have seen here on my sugary blog as an archival print do drop a line by clicking on "View my complete profile" in the right hand column under my profile pic where there is a link to my e-mail....wish me luck, I'll be printing late into the night...and of course now I have to rescan a lot of work at higher rezes in order to enlarge the original image as a print....but no complaints from me.....I have a 'new' printer!!
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