Friday, August 13, 2010

The Sugar Shack Cupcakery Logo!!

About a month ago a lovely lady from Brooklyn New York called Jill London contacted me through Etsy to request a logo for her Cupcake Bakery "The Sugar Shack"...OF COURSE I was only too happy to comply and above you see the finished result...what fun to design and render in colour pencils and shades of my favourite delicious pink...I hope my logo does her cupcakes justice!!
Here I am drawing the logo on my trusty Aquarelle Watercolour Block which keeps the paper nice and tight and smooth.
...during the process I surround myself with other cupcake drawings to refer back and forth to on colours and style and I have on hand photographs of actual cupcakes to reference details of shadow and be surrounded by cupcakes is delightful...that they weren't edible was hard!!! Jill doesn't have a website yet but when she does I'll put a link here on my blog to it.

Look at this lovely comment Jill left at my Etsy store, thank you Jill, you were a delight to work with too!!
"What an amazing artist! Not only is she talented but she is such a wonderful person. These past few weeks of working with Patricia I feel like we built not only a business relationship but almost a friendship. Her willingness to help me has been a blessing in so many ways. I feel so lucky to have found her right here on etsy! I would recommend her work to the world! Thanks so much for helping make my dream into a reality!
Much Gratitude,

As I neared the completion of the drawing I am sad to say my Little Sweet Pea Puppy Bunny passed away quietly and peacefully in her sleep in her favourite spot, what a lucky girl!! She was old and frail and it was her time which makes it all a little easier to bear but we do miss her dreadfully and thank her for the wonderful time she spent with us. As she was a rescue dog we do not know how old she was but we had her with us for 10 good years.
Bye bye Little Friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Herb Westphalen Chef/Mixologist said...

Wonderful my dear, just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about sweet little Bunny. May your memories soothe the aching in your heart. Peggy O'

Regina said...

Oh Patricia, I am sorry to hear about your poor puppy. I'm glad she had 10 glorious years with you (since I know you, I know they had to have been just divine!).

The cupcake logo looks good enough to eat! Perfect!

I wonder, have you tried the Faber Castell polychoromos? I'm chomping at the bit to try them.

mr. pineapple man said...

great logo!! love the blog~

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

Beautiful illustration of the cupcake! Just beautiful! Nice job.

SO sorry to hear about your little friend. She had a wonderful life with you, I'm sure of it.