Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Hallowe'en 2010!!

Enjoy my little photo montage of Hallowe'en 2010
 My 'mandala' pumpkin design....
I started off by enlarging a geometric layout I did a while ago for a handmade rug and printed it out on the draft setting so as not to waste precious know how that goes. James loaned me a nice punching implement and I punched little holes through the outline of the design to give me the 'bones' to work on when I started to carve the pumpkin proper.
Here I am beginning the carving and not knowing where the heck this design is taking me...I haven't carved before only cut right  through the pumpkin to make cute faces etc. James keeps telling me as I use another of his tools..."Don't cut towards your fingers or you'll be sorry!!" I listened for once in my life and made it through with narry a blemish.
The finished you can see an old friend from last Hallowe'en has joined us...Pumpkin Boy 2009...see him in his youth in the pic two below.
I couldn't decided which picture I preferred more - the one above or below so I posted both...isn't the reflection on the table suitably spooky??
What a difference a year makes...'Pumpkin Boy' has really deteriorated in this last year...out in all weathers and living hard, I hope my looks don't go this fast!!
An appropriately 'thorny' Fall/Autumn picture from the world outside today...
HAPPY HALLOWE'EN...don't eat too much candy!!

"Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble."

from Mr. Shakespeare


Sunaina said...

amazing work! happy halloween!

Linda said...

Impressive Patricia!! You have so much talent!

luisa said...

Wow! I am in total awe. To transfer the mandala into the pumpkin was a very creative idea. Beautiful.