Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dancing flowers, rowan berries and a new friend catching rays before Irene!

All along the roadsides in Maine right now are swathes of Queen Anne's Lace dancing and bobbing...when the wind catches them they look like plates spinning on poles - just like you used to see in old fashioned circuses and variety shows (showing my age now aren't I?)

 Close up the flower head of the Queen Anne's is made of many teeny tiny flowers
And when the flowers die the flower head curls in upon itself and starts to form the seeds
...ever so pretty too

 And suddenly the rowan trees are heavy with berries...I never notice the berries coming on - they are just suddenly covering the trees with their glorious bright red berries. When I was growing up my Mum always said if there was a heavy crop of berries on the trees then we were going to have a bad winter as the trees knew the birds and little creatures would be needing more food.
A nice dense cluster of Rowan berries...also known as the Mountain Ash
 And then who do we have here...
 Yesterday afternoon I espied this tiny little frog - I'll bet he wasn't even an inch long- catching some rays in the daylillies...isn't he cute?
 He was very patient as I took his photograph from many angles...
Does anyone know what kind of frog he is? Later in the day he had a reprieve from the sunshine as the pistils of the daylillies gave him a little shade. he was still on the flower late last night but is gone today...hopefully somewhere safe from the storm. 
Thanks for visiting froggy - hope to see you again soon! 

For everyone in the path of Hurricane Irene - be safe and we'll be seeing you on the other side
of the storm. Do eat lots of will be a comfort to you when the electricity goes out!
Cheers, Patricia

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