Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flowers and Frogs - oh my!!

I don't know how I got this picture or what I did to make it so painterly and just like how the green foliage has greyed out and the asters are in movement - but really it had nothing to do with me, I just clicked!
 The Asters (or Michaelmas Daisies) signalling Autumn on Blueberry Hill - don't the purple, green and spots of golden yellow work well together?

 Then down at the pond a couple of weeks ago...I have been tardy posting these pictures - naughty moi - but here they are now reminding me of the bliss of that perfect summer day in the midst of a week of rain and drizzle and shades of colder weather looming nigh.

 There were SO many frogs down at the pond...and they behaved very well allowing me to get quite close and see just how handsome they are. As soon as I moved too noisily or quickly though they all plopped into the water one by one - it was quite a comical sound.

Here's a little guy in among the lupine leaves - happy as a clam!!

"A lonely pond in age-old stillness sleeps . . .
Apart, unstirred by sound or motion . . . till
Suddenly into it a lithe frog leaps".

Basho Translated by Curtis Hidden Page

Next post is Sticky Toffee of Britain's most prevalent and popular desserts and deservedly's DELICIOUS...see you soon!

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