Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Tracery of Autumn Leaves

It has been a strange Autumn so far here in Maine. The leaves are still on some of the trees and they are still green, many trees are bereft of their leaves and those leaves didn't really turn much of a colour before falling and THEN on Hallowe'en we had a heavy wet snowstorm so there were fully leaved, green trees covered in snow.

There hasn't been much in the way of red leaves or indeed full trees arrayed in their Fall splendour BUT I have captured some glorious pictures of golden, burnished, coppered, yellow, stained glass, creamy pretty leaves which to me all look like textile design repeats waiting to be created for my Spoonflower store. 

I'll look back on these photographs one blizzardy day this coming winter and be reminded of the glory that is Maine in the Autumn - crisp, clear, bright blue shiny skies, THAT Autumn smell, the crinkle of rustling leaves and the cheeriness of the Fall glow....ahhhhh.
Which picture do you think would work best as an allover textile design?








Happy Autumn everyone - have a cosy season....Patricia

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anna c said...

Number 3 with 50 cms repeats