Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Winter's Eve in Maine

I love the look of trees silhouetted again the twilight sky.
As the winter solstice draws near - December 22nd 2011 UTC (Universal Time)
The crest of Blueberry Hill

The path up Blueberry Hill
Great looking berries!!

 As the ground freezes harder and harder here in Maine it raises up around the stones to leave hollows like this around them - the moisture in the ground is expanding and freezing - I never saw this before I moved to Maine.
This also happens - ice crystals grow UP out of the ground as the stones go down, they are called needle ice - you can see the little caps of soil on the tops of the ice needles.
Happy winter - brrrrrr!


acornmoon said...

Simply beautiful!

june in ireland said...

Absolutely stunning photographs of an absolutely stunning part of the US.

Thanks for sharing these, Patricia. I owe you a reply to your recent e-mail, but with all this baking and all the craft fairs going on these past few weeks, I've had no time at the PC. If I don't get the chance or the time before then, here's wishing you a happy winter solstice (today), and Nollaig Shona Dhuit.

Asmita said...


Patricia said...

Thank you all!!

Asmita - I just visited your blog and it's wonderful -I'm going to join you on Facebook and Twitter right now.

Happy Baking,

Patricia said...

June Nollaig Shona Dhuit to you too!!! Hope you did well at the fairs and have a lovely Christmas Day - Patricia