Saturday, January 7, 2012

Procure your Valentine's gifts early...

...and Ye shall be rewarded by only having to pay economy rate shipping - for we all know how expensive express shipping can be. All these products are also print on demand so the more lead time the better to receive your gifts in time for February 14th 2012 which is a Tuesday by the way - Tuesday seems like the right day for Valentine's Day - I don't know why!

So - with no further ado - let us begin the shameless self-promotion - here is a gallimaufry of appropriately pretty items from my various online stores.
A kindle cover perchance?
...or perhaps an iPad sleeve already wrapped in plaid 'paper' and a trompe l'oeil gingham bow?
or a 3G hard case to protect your love's iPhone - the heart will give you away!!
A poster from my Etsy store for Green Hive Honey of Camden, Maine - the subtle, honeyed approach!
..or a pair of cupcake flip flops for those lovely twinkling feet!

An allover fun polka dot fabric with a pretty pink ground for your beloved to swathe herself in (available shortly).
and a co-ordinating stripe for the Polka dot above to swathe yourself in and be in harmony with your love!
A poster or greetings card that leaves little to the imagination - no subtlety here - but still pretty!

And so to bed - with your "cupcake" in her fetching pyjamas!!
Or a charming shoulder bag sporting a single tea rose for your loved one to look dashing on their shopping expeditions!

 Thanks so much for taking a look!!
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Linda said...

Dear Patricia,
I just awarded you ;))