Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn arrives right on cue - let the show begin!

I'm wondering what this Autumn/Fall will be like in terms of colour as the seasons thus far have been about 2-3 weeks ahead of normal but look, it's already off to a great start.
Some trees have small patches of colour but most are still all green and today the skies are as blue as blue can be - just gorgeous.

 And the asters/Michaelmas daisies continue their glowing show

 The Pee gee hydrangea flowers are turning ever more pink...
...and their resident spiders are spinning their webs ready for Hallowe'en
I don't know who this little guy is among the grape leaves but for the longest time I thought it was a bird scraucking out there - he has such a big voice for such a little frog but I love him.
There's lots of this on Blueberry Hill but I don't know what it is - the acid yellow against the maroon bark is impressive.

 Rowan berries on the Mountain Ash - this year they are not as plentiful - usually they produce very full, umbrella wands of berries.

...and my pink Clara Curtis chrysanthemum - usually these don't even get a chance to be photographed as the slugs and snails eagerly await their arrival - this year there have been loads upon loads of said slugs and snails - they must be full from eating all the strawberries, tomatoes and the like I have heard so many people mention.

 I'll continue to photograph as the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness progresses :)
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