Friday, December 21, 2012

Ayuh - it's Christmas time in Maine!

Ayuh!! Merry Christmas from Maine!
..and what does Ayuh mean? Well - here's a couple of definitions from the Urban Dictionary:

1. A word used to end a statement; in a Maine accent.
2. A word used to confirm a statement; in a Maine accent.

 Let's go ta the faya, ayuh.
I'm a Mainuh, ayuh.
Wanna go ta the faya?
Answer: Ayuh
I'll admit to be a tad tardy creating my new Maine snowman but I'll have him all set to go next year, won't I? I originally created the little guy as a greeting card for a company in Maine but as a Cape Cod card for the Christmas Tree shops who were based in Cape Cod and at the time I was living there too. It originally had a border of cranberries and recently methought - "he also looks like a Maine snowman with his lobster trap, so'wester and the little lighthouse so why don't I change out the cranberries for blueberries" and so I did using elements from this design, which was created to be on t-shirts printed by Seastreet Graphics in Rockland, Maine, for the border motifs.

Whereas I used to live near cranberry bogs in Cape Cod I now live next to a blueberry barren in Maine so my botanical subjects are gratefully close at hand.

My snowman is awfully small compared to "Olympia Snowe" - the largest, thusfar, snowperson in the World - isn't she cute? With skis for eyelashes and fir trees as arms she stood a proud feet tall in Bethel Maine in 2008 - click HERE for more fetching images of our grand old snow lady.

 Here's my snowman from a couple of years ago - not quite fir trees for arms but small branches from the spruce in the front yard.
Snow is thin on the ground in Midcoast Maine at the moment - it's blowin' a gale and raining right now - and a white Christmas is not looking so promising but it'll always be beautiful here anyways :) 

You can purchase my Maine snowman as greetings cards HERE and a mini poster HERE.

Thanks and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

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