Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bye Bye Nemo!!

My favourite gnarly old apple tree looking pretty in the beginning of the storm - now available as a print in my ETSY shop.
 The blizzard known as Nemo was quite the challenge here in Maine - a huge snowfall in a short amount of time and wind gusts up to 70mph combined with temperatures down to 0F - I have to say it wasn't much fun for me as I spent most of my time stoking the fire and checking that our pipes weren't freezing because the winds were blowing hard from the North East right at a vulnerable part of our old farmhouse BUT - we made it through with little problem and are glad to be on the other side - yea!!!
 Above: In the height of the storm - look how much of the fence is covered already since the first photo... and James sculpture "Leap,Run,Leaping" is barely visible.
 The snow was blown into huge drifts and dunes - some ground was laid bare despite more than 2 feet of snow falling.
Available as a print in my ETSY shop :)
Bye bye Nemo - we're looking forward now to rain and higher temperatures this week - should be interesting how rain and this amount of fresh snow combine!

The top and bottom images are now available in my Etsy shop HERE :)

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june said...

Wow! The northeastern seaboard has really gotten more than an unfair share of storms and horrible weather these past couple of months.

I heard (and saw) how bad Nemo got in some states, but it definitely looks as though Maine got hit pretty ferociously.

I'm just glad and relieved that all is well, and that yes, you've come out the other side. Goodbye, Nemo, but hello lots of slush for a while...

ps - beautiful photos you've taken, by the way. Snow is truly so beautiful to look at - so serene and tranquil and pretty when it first falls and then settles - as long as you don't have to drive in it, that is.