Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bye Bye Nemo!!

My favourite gnarly old apple tree looking pretty in the beginning of the storm - now available as a print in my ETSY shop.
 The blizzard known as Nemo was quite the challenge here in Maine - a huge snowfall in a short amount of time and wind gusts up to 70mph combined with temperatures down to 0F - I have to say it wasn't much fun for me as I spent most of my time stoking the fire and checking that our pipes weren't freezing because the winds were blowing hard from the North East right at a vulnerable part of our old farmhouse BUT - we made it through with little problem and are glad to be on the other side - yea!!!
 Above: In the height of the storm - look how much of the fence is covered already since the first photo... and James sculpture "Leap,Run,Leaping" is barely visible.
 The snow was blown into huge drifts and dunes - some ground was laid bare despite more than 2 feet of snow falling.
Available as a print in my ETSY shop :)
Bye bye Nemo - we're looking forward now to rain and higher temperatures this week - should be interesting how rain and this amount of fresh snow combine!

The top and bottom images are now available in my Etsy shop HERE :)
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