Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Easy, delicious, reliable, wonderful no knead bread recipe from King Arthur Flour!!

 Even though I made this myself, and admittedly it's not a British pudding/dessert, I have to admit it's some of the best bread I've ever tasted...seriously, it is GOOOOOOOD and so ridiculously easy - how could I be selfish and not share!

Thank you KING ARTHUR FLOUR for this fabulous recipe!!! 

You don't have to know about yeast, or proofing, or leavening or  rising - all you have to do is weigh and measure correctly and do a bit of simple timing -

Here it is straight from the oven and waiting to be slathered with slabs of gorgeous Kate's Butter from Maine....
Here's the link to the recipe:


I do recommend doing both by weight and not volume as it's much more reliable that way - same recipe every time - no variations in how you fill your cups.

Look at the beautiful texture - and the bread is moist without being in any way soggy - the crust is crisp and browns beautifully - I use the white recipe to make 8 largish rolls as above. The bread also cuts fantastically WITHOUT any crumbs - bread crumbs drive me nuts - and it toasts like a dream!!!!

Of you pop and bake, bake, bake - let me know if you use this recipe and how it works for you -

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