Saturday, February 28, 2015

Happy Saint David's Day, Sunday March 1st - a round up of my Welsh recipes from the past.

"Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus!"
Please enjoy this round up of the sweet Welsh recipes I have featured here on my blog these past few years - click on the name of the treat to go to the recipe!

Lovely WELSH CAKES for breakfast or a nice snack with a cuppa! 
Sorry about the rubbish photo - it's from long, long ago!

A nice MONMOUTH PUDDING - a breadcrumb custard pudding with jam and meringue

Marvellous BARA BRITH - a delicious and ever so easy to make fruity tea bread - much lighter and quicker to make than your normal fruit cake - great with an afternoon cuppa!

 SNOWDON PUDDING - Pwdin Eryri -
a delightful, traditional steamed pudding with lovely lemony sauce.

....and last but not least dainty and charming WELSH HONEY CAKES - Tiessennau Mel
Happy Baking, Steaming and Eating!!
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