Monday, February 27, 2017

The latest challenge at Spoonflower....

 Here above is my latest design "LEIA" in a nod of respect to the recently passed Princess - my entry for this weeks Spoonflower challenge for "MOSAICS" - I started off below - very laboriously and monotonously painting individual squares and developed them into motifs which I scanned and then created the final repeat in Photoshop - also a tad tedious but I ended up with a design I am really pleased with that looks, to me, like glass tiles - not my intention but a happy serendipitous result. A few people have mentioned it reminds them of cross stitch - which is just fine and dandy with me too.
If you have the time and inclination I would so appreciate your vote
no need to sign in - thanks so much in advance :) 

Here is a pic of my feature in UPPERCASE magazine - I am so appreciate to Janine Vangool - the publisher - for including me in this lovely jam packed full of surface design eye candy magazine
And here is a picture of the latest watercolour hand painted design I have featured in my print on demand online shops - click each shop name to go to PARTERRE (a level space in a garden or yard occupied by an ornamental arrangement of flower beds) BOTANIQUE:

My next design is on the watercolour block and I'll be submitting it to the Spoonflower challenge for next week - the call is for Mandalas - a particular favourite of mine so wish me luck with the paint up and I'll be in touch to ask for your kind vote once again - 'til then my thanks
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