Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bronze tiles and Plum Blossoms

Here are a couple of photographs of James' (my partner) new work which he just finished, he took his inspiration for these two tiles from an antique Japanese iron kettle. The sculptings you see here will be turned into molds from which bronze tiles will be cast by our friend Jay Gibson at Metaphor Bronze in Morrill, Maine. Whilst he is imagining them as tiles I am thinking about them as chocolate bars!!!


Dana Jones said...

They resemble rubber stamps to me! Welcome to the blogosphere! I will link you on my calicocatpress blog! I can't make any promises of additional traffic, but perhaps someone will take notice of your name on my links list. I'll come back and see more later.

acornmoon said...

They look very beautiful as they are, I can't imagine the process of turning them into bronze. I love anything Japanese, I think they are such masters in the decorative arts.

Rima said...

Hello Patricia... just found your link on acorn moon blog and thought I would pop past to say hello :)
Glad to see you are a medieval manuscript lover.. me too :)
These are lovely tiles... and so's the kettle :)
All the best from Scotland

Gillian L. said...

How beautiful they are going to be in bronze and how wonderful to imagine them as chocolate...!