Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My first post...

I have just tried twice to do my first post, and somehow I failed to get it on my blog...what a sad I must go to bed and refresh my little head. Any words of encouragement or wisdom gratefully recieved if you stumble here unexpectedly....Good Night!


acornmoon said...

Well that one worked out fine! Take inspiration from Robert Bruce.

Judith said...

I had/have just the same problem with mine - all I can say is persevere!
Best regards,
Judith Glover

Gillian L. said...

I have had that happen as well and please know that you are not alone. I have managed to pick up bits and pieces of advice from other Bloggers along the way and I am still learning. I look forward to viewing your blog which I am sure will be wonderful!


Raluca C said...

just ''heared the news''from acornmoon and pass to say hi and goodluck!!I also started not so long ago,around one and half mounth and I remember the feel!
Get inspired and give inspiration(I saw you mentioned it in the blog title:))!!!
Have all the best wishes!

LOUISE said...

Hello, just popped over from Acorn Moon. Please don't give up. When I first started my original garden blog it took time, practice and perseverence to get it right. I have learnt hints and tips from other bloggers too. Before you know it you will have four blogs on the go, like me! x