Tuesday, July 29, 2008

From Maquette to Metal Sculpture

The top three pictues above are of maquettes James is turning into full size metal sculptures as I type, well not literally...he has passed out after a long slogging day nearing the end of their completion. He made the maquettes to show to Suzette McAvoy who is curating an outdoor sculpture show at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay Harbor. The maquettes were approved and now they are being translated into full sized sculptures made of mild steel weighing about 300lbs per piece (believe me I know how much they weigh having helped James drag them around these last few days!!, good job I'm not a wimp!) and ranging in size from 3' to 6' feet in height. The bottom picture is of the sculptures in progress....this picture was taken just before a thunder storm appeared out of nowhere and we had to scramble to drag everything inside before we were vaporized by lightning hitting one of these huge hunks of metal.... ahhh, the exciting life of an artist!!!
I will post pictures of the finished pieces in situ which we are delivering to the gardens this Friday...stand by!

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acornmoon said...

Well done James, you seem to live in a very "artist friendly" place. I have looked at the website of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, so lovely!