Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Help a local artist (that would be yours truly) support local (that would be Maine) farmers!!!

After featuring this watercolour design in a recent post I suddenly had the bright, sparkling idea of using it to actually help Maine farmers. I headed downtown here in Belfast and went to the offices of MAINE FARMLAND TRUST and suggested that I donate 30% of my profits from this particular design at my Cafe Press online store. I am thrilled to tell you that they accepted this idea and here we are, Bob's yer uncle and off we jolly well, here's my little ad for such...


Belfast artist, Patricia Shea, is donating 30% of the profits from her illustration "Created by Mother Nature, Nurtured by Local Farmers" for one year to MAINE FARMLAND TRUST a statewide organization that works with landowners, land trusts, farm groups, towns and state agencies to identify and preserve valuable agricultural land so that it will forever remain available for agriculture.
Established in 1999 Maine Farmland Trust's mission is to:
1. Protect and preserve Maine's farmland
2. Keep agricultural lands working
3. Support the future of farming in Maine

Patricia's illustrations have been featured on gift ware in Bloomingdale's and Macy's and now, by visiting her online store at www.cafepress.com/patriciashea and purchasing items such as tote bags (see below), mugs and t-shirts with the featured illustration, you can help support Maine Farmland Trust. Patricia is hoping through her artwork she will help this admirable mission.

Here are some things you can do to keep Maine farms growing:

1. Support your local farmers: Shop at roadside stands, farmer's markets, greenhouses and pick-your-own operations.
2. Ask your grocer to stock locally produced food (saves gas miles too!!)
3. Use local produce for community events and meals.
4. Encourage the purchase of local food supplies for school lunch programs
5. Become a member of MAINE FARMLAND TRUST. Support from individuals like you are critical to the Trust's continued success.

(See my post on June 10th...a ways down... for more info on the illustration...thanks!!!)

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