Thursday, July 16, 2009

Proclaim your love of cupcakes to the driving masses!!!

For all you crazed cupcakes lovers out there the bumper sticker of your dreams has arrived at my online store...please click here to procure your proclamation .

Thank you!!!!

PLUS...I missed the first "Mid-Coast Maine Iron Cupcake Challenge"
Honestly what kind of fool am I to have missed this? Actually the kind of fool who was helping her partner gold leaf on another all day rainfest here in Maine!!
The Iron Cupcake Challenges are a great idea for crazy bakers to get together and make themselves sick by eating vast amounts of varied flavour cupcakes by many and sundry other crazy bakers. Each month a flavour theme is given out and you come up with a recipe, then make the requisite amount of cupcakes and show up at the designated time and place and off you go eating cupcakes to your little heart's content. You do have to sign up for the challenge...IRON CUPCAKE CHALLENGE.
Well here are the two delights I missed out on yesterday...only two bakers showed but it was a grim day and it was the first and we are in underpopulated Mid-Coast Maine afterall....the winner was Anna from VerysmallAnna with Lemon Chamomile Tea cupcakes with Blueberry Chamomile filling and Honey Lemon buttercream (faint!!) and the runner up was Carrie from Fieldsofcake with Lavendar Vanilla Bean Red Velvet Cupcakes with Lavendar Bean Custard and Lavendar Buttercream (double faint!!!)
I consider myself as daft as a brush for missing this but have declared come hell or high water" I WILL BE AT THE NEXT CHALLENGE"...join me if you dare!! Details will be at Carrie's above or here at Fields
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