Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The beauty that is Maine in the Fall

The last couple of days here in Mane have been those pristine, bright, crispy, clean BIG BLUE sky days...perfect for wandering in cemeteries to look at the autumnal foliage...above is the cemetery in Belfast, such a lovely place
WOW!!!! Looking up through the trees at the sky is so super-real, the colour palette looks like some of the footage in the movie "Contact", anyone remember that? and these photographs have not been altered in any way via lenses or photoshop......really!!! I have to be honest and admit I am really chuffed (pleased) with them!! Tee hee!!

This is at the Camden cemetery, above and below, which is backed up by the Camden awfully pretty spot too.....

One of the famous Belfast angels against the gorgeous yellow leaves
Who wouldn't want a sweet little kitten asleep on their final resting place....I think maybe mine would be a puppy though!!
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