Thursday, October 29, 2009

I've started taking pictures of the beautiful Autumn landscape and I can't stop!!

Here is a picture of Camden, Maine. A lovely little village on Penobscot Bay. A few years ago a friend of mine was over from Blighty and when we drove through Camden she said (and here I am dating myself dreadfully) "Wow this reminds me of Peyton Place" ...sure enough a couple of weeks later I find out IT IS Peyton Place...they did indeed set the series here!! Isn't this a delicious Main street looking up onto Mount Battie...which by the way has a big star on the top at Christmas of my favourtie things. I saw the star picture in Down East magazine many moons ago and thought to myself "I want to live there" and here I am driving back and forth past it now and again...Belfast is about 20 miles further up the Bay!!
Another pic in Camden in front of the Church on Main Street.
Belfast cemetery again...the colours are deepening...YEA!!! no power lines, another good thing about photographing in a graveyard!!
General gorgeous treeness......
The foliage has been very much in the yellow (a beautiful glowing yellow, not acidy at all), burnt-orange, umber, ochre palette this season...not much pink or red but still absolutely amazing......I am awe struck by some of the trees I see, they just leave me breathless....thanks Mother Nature, good show!!

Here is a dusk picture of the field in front of our house...not a great pic in terms of light, but very atmospheric I think....
...and finally a view from the top of Blueberry Hill next to our house as dusk falls and the colours seem to literally start to glow...honestly it's just like being in a Maxfield Parrish painting, I kid you not!!

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Nicisme said...

Gorgeous fall colours!