Sunday, January 17, 2010

Consider the tote, BYOB!!

According to the EPA last year in the US over 380 Billion (yep that says Billion, not million!!) single use plastic bags were sent to the landfill. WOW!!! Think how much plastic we could keep out of the landfills if we just brought our own bag to the store every time we went. I use my cotton bags a lot and yet somehow I still seem to accrue the odd plastic bag but generally I avoid them like the plague. Here is just a smattering of the bags I have available for your procurement, as gifts or for your own self aggrandisement, at my Cafe Press Store. I am donating some of the profits from the particular bag seen above to a local Maine organization, Maine Farmland Trust which
  • Protects and preserves Maine’s farmland
  • Keeps agricultural lands working
  • Supports the future of farming in Maine
...or you may prefer something geared towards Valentine's Day and SUGAR!!
...or the beauteous Monarch butterfly and delicious strawberries
...or for cat lovers...a Silver Tabby amidst the morning glories

...or perhaps a beach tote reminding you to take life easy and "Live simply"
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