Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pink, red, butter, sugar........CAKE!! this corny enough for you? For those of you in Blighty these are Valentine Candy case you don't get the oh so subtle joke there!!
Lucie and I decided for Valentine's Day we would decorate some cupcakes..above are our Valentine's sugary accoutrements!!
and the essential buckets o'buttercream...yes that is chocolate buttercream...I do like chocolate in that instance...and also in chocolate mousse so long as it is not too dark, I am a milk chocolate person, I know it isn't trendy or hip to be so but I have accepted that fact about myself and now I feel I can move forward with my head held high!! Tee hee pink and brown cupcakes...ah yes that is a chocolate truffle, homemade of course, atop one of the cupcakes pink icing...and a chocolate buttercream rose, which, even though I say it myself, I am quite pleased with...buttercream roses are not so easy to do as the Youtube videos I have viewed for technique portray!!
...and here is Lucie's Plate O"Cupcakes...aren't they lovely!!! Well done Lucie!!
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