Thursday, February 4, 2010

Put a little Earth Day in your Valentine's Day!!

Why not consider buying your Honey, and that Honey may well be yourself, a ceramic mug, travelling mug or reusable water bottle for Valentine's Day? Here is a small selection of my Valentine's worthy designs from my Cafe Press online store
I was just Googling the statistics on disposable cup and water bottle use and the numbers were too big and frightening for me to get my head around so instead of wielding insurmountable numbers here why not just consider how much good you can do as one individual just by taking your own mug, with a design by yours truly of course, to the deli or coffee shop or refilling your own water bottle with tap water, we filter ours in a Brita jug, instead of buying bottled water??
SIGG aluminum bottle with special non-toxic lining that doesn't impart a flavour to your water, available in o.6 and 1.0 litre sizes..adorned with my Red Heart Scandinavian style Folkloric Design...good for both Valentine's and longest titled design thus far!!
A SIGG with a lily.....
My Pink Pansy on a large mug......................

and "Be My Cupcake" on a ceramic traveling mug...nice hot coffee to go with a no-calorie cupcake!!
If you order from my print-on-demand online store (no inventory no waste...everything is printed to order which is just great!!) you can ship direct to your Honey's home or business just in time for Valentine's Day!! Thanks for taking a look

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