Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pure beeswax, lavender buds and lovely ribbon

Have you ever smelled pure beeswax? It is a beautiful and cozy aroma and is such a lovely warm colour too. Our good friends Magy and Clay owners of Green Hive Honey Farm of Camden, Maine were wondering what to do with all their beeswax and James and I came up with the idea of custom sculpted beeswax tablets scented with lavender oil and scattered with Maine lavender buds.

 The first step required  James sculpting a special mold for the you can see he included a beautiful big bee and one of Green Hives' iconic flowers on a background of comb hexagons - nice job James!
Then we sourced some lovely, soft lavender coloured ribbon to hang the tablet by (don't hang it anywhere hot or in a window that gets too much will melt!!) and I created the custom packaging and a nice new label for "bee fragrant"
Here is the first tablet wrapped and ready to go in Green Hive Honey's favourite pink tissue know you want can order from this page of the makes an awfully nice gift from Maine made by Maine bees from a Maine company sculpted by a Maine artist with packaging and label designed by a Maine designer...YEA!!


Tom & Bethany said...

both very clever and very lovely!

Sunaina said...

So cute!

bus charter service said...

Nice share,they look cool.

acornmoon said...

Such a clever idea, what a great team you make!

I wonder if you have thought of sculpted candles too?

Patricia said...

Valerie...we actually did a candle mould first and the candles are great...they burn for about 2 hours and are only the size of a regular votive...they will be our next launch.

Ladybird said...

Wow, what a great idea!

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