Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The rain in Maine....

When the humid shadows hover
Over all the starry spheres,
And the melancholy darkness
Gently weeps in rainy tears,
What a joy to press the pillow
Of a cottage-chamber bed,
And to listen to the patter
Of the soft rain overhead!

Every tinkle on the shingles
Has an echo in the heart;
And a thousand dreamy fancies
Into busy being start,
And a thousand recollections
Weave their bright hues into woof,
As I listen to the patter
Of the rain upon the roof. 

                                        First 2 stanzas of "The Rain Upon the Roof"
by American poet Coates Kinney

FYI "woof" here means weft as in the warp and weft of a fabric

 As I look out the window the world is GREEN, the skies are grey, the rain is falling and the mist is rising. Maine is enveloped in a cloud of dank and drear.....cozy for a few days but please don't let there be a repeat of the summer of 2009 where we had, and I kid you NOT, 7 straight weeks of rain, rain, rain. 

It does look pretty on the lupine leaves but all the plants are bowed low and are patiently waiting for the sun which is not due 'til this coming weekend.

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