Friday, September 9, 2011

Having fun with Spoonflower!

The actual fabric swatches laid out with the print outs from my computer...a pretty good match here!
Spoonflower is a print on demand company based in Georgia, USA. It's a wonderful idea and is an excellent resource for artists who want to sell their work directly to the fabric buying public and great for people who have Etsy shops and want to design their own fabrics to make up pillows, bags, teddy bears and all manner of things made from fabric. Above are two designs I just received today..."Europa" a painting I originally did as a watercolour design for use as a dinnerware pattern for PTS America as seen below and "Folkloric Star".

Creating the allover print for this design was challenging and fun...the most complicated print I have done so far...and I can't wait to do some more complex designs from my paintings!!
Once I have done the allover design for fabric/textile application I upload to Spoonflower and order a swatch size to see how the design prints. Next I size the design to work for flip flops in my CafePress store. I just ordered these flip flops for myself and can't wait to see how they look.

My first Holiday design "Folkloric Star" there'll be more to about some snowmen?? allover print using two of my cupcake illustrations combined "Cupcakes Galore"
My "Created by Mother Design" as an allover - on the first sample I received the yellow was too bright, almost you probably know the image you see on your screen is different than the one that prints out onto paper and the colours are different from each and every printer SO calibrations sometimes need to be made. Below is "Kaleidoscope" which began life as a large scale acrylic painting on panel - my first sample of this I realized the motifs were too small so I am awaiting a new swatch with them enlarged.
I learned textile design on the job in New York City many moons ago working for a bodywear company who were wonderfully supportive so I am delighted I can now offer my own work via Spoonflower...I love fabric and I used to be thrilled and amazed shopping in the garment district in NY for new fabrics - I even used to make my own clothes but no longer have the patience to do that...sewing machines drive me nuts!!

The following is a list of the fabrics my designs will be available upon - (that's dreadful English but I'm not sure how to rework it!!):

Quilting Weight Cotton:
100% cotton fabric with a soft hand, easy to sew

Organic Cotton Sateen:
100% organic cotton sateen, glossy finish, white
Organic Cotton Interlock Knit:
100% organic cotton. Very soft, natural off-white knit perfect for t-shirts, dresses, baby clothes and more.

Upholstery Weight Cotton Twill:
Sturdy 100% cotton twill with an optic white finish.

Linen-Cotton Canvas
Sophisticated light-weight canvas woven from 55% linen and 45% combed cotton.
Silk Crepe de Chine:
100% silk with a delicate, semi-sheer texture
Cotton Voile:
100% cotton voile, combed, delicate, silky texture. Please note that this fabric replaces cotton lawn, which was discontinued on 11/30/2010.
I'm looking forward to making a scarf from this's lovely!
* NEW * Cotton Silk:
55% cotton / 45% silk fabric with a soft sheen on the printed side

Are there any of my artworks you 'd like to see as a textile design?


june in ireland who loves to bake and craft said...

I love all of these! I especially love the pink cupcakes and the Europa ones - the Europa design is very Celtic meets sacred geometry, which is quite beautiful.

You'd asked if there were any of your designs I/we'd like to see as a textile design? How about some tea and scones, tea and bikkies (cookies), teapots or teacups, or coffee or espresso? I'm specifically on the lookout for fabric blocks or fabric squares (I'm a crafter and use these for various projects), but not as an all-over piece. I'm looking for individual images/fabric blocks, to cut out individually and decorate with them.

Also, I just checked out your profile, and I nearly fell over with delight when I read that you are a fan of Shah Rukh and Hindi cinema! Wow! This is absolutely amazing and brilliant to me - you love cake and baking (so do I! I am a frustrated baker/pastry chef wannabe), and I have been into Shah Rukh and all things filmi for over 12 years now...ever since I saw him dancing on top of that train to 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' in 'Dil Se' (an amazing film), I've been completely hooked, addicted, obsessed.

How cool that you listed as your favourite films Bunty Aur Babli and Om Shanti Om - I dig Abhishek (and his dad, too) and Rani. Other fave filmi actors are Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, Emraan Hashmi (the serial kisser), Shah Rukh, and of course, Amitabh Bachchan - the Big B himself.

Sorry..I'm rabbitting on and on here. I'm so glad I've found your brilliant and fun blog. I love your designs, your love of cake and our mutual love for Hindi cinema.

Patricia said...

June...I replied to you via e-mail on your lovely comment...did it work? I haven't done that before and not sure if it does work or not?

Thanks, Patricia

Regina said...

I've known about Spoonflower for some time. I really need to try it out!

june in ireland who loves to bake and craft said...

Hi Patricia - No, unfortunately, I've not received an e-mail reply from you...not yet, anyway.

Shall I privately e-mail you my e-mail address, then?

Patricia said...

Hi June...yes that would be lovely...I don't like to put my e-mail address in these messages as it can lead to mondo amounts of spam...but there is an e-mail button on my profile page of the blog and I'll forward my message to you when I get your address...Thanks, Patricia

acornmoon said...

Your repeat worked very well Patricia, your Manchester tutors would be so proud!

Have you sewn anything yet? I love the "Charleston" look to the geometric, very Vanessa Bell.