Monday, April 15, 2013

I now have wrapping paper available at my Spoonflower shop!

I am so thrilled to announce that a few days ago Spoonflower revealed that they have added wrapping paper to their roster of print on demand items and after having adjusted all my designs over there accordingly now I can offer my work as wrapping paper too - yea!!!!

Here's a little sampling of my designs in repeat - as you can see they are quite varied in style - some days I like to create illustration style designs, some days I'm happy to do geometrics both of which are fun and challenging for me to create. If you ever see a design of mine that isn't being offered over at Spoonflower but you are interested in it as either fabric, wallpaper, decals or wrapping paper please just drop me a line via the "Be in touch" heading above.
"Blue Rhapsody"
"Pink Rolling Star Quilt"
"Just Call Me Cupcake"
There's a clever little button on the giftwrap page of each design which when you click it gives you the design to scale on a package thus:
"Country Days Zig Zag"
Here is a link to my SPOONFLOWER SHOP

I recently added a listing and links to all of my online shops to this blog - look above and click on My Online Stores to view my online arcade :)

Thanks for stopping by - see you soon - Patricia

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