Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy National Pink Day!!!

I never knew there was such a holiday until a friend alerted me this morning -
I would have done something special to celebrate if only I had known sooner - oh well there's always next June 23rd!!!

Pink Sarah Bernhardt paeonias from my garden - a beautiful flower with a light romantic fragrance
I've always loved pink - I was one of those children who had to have everything pink, and nowadays, if it was just up to me, I would have every surface in our house painted pink including walls, ceiling and floors - really!! It would have to be THE perfect pink though - like the inside of a shell - very pale, very mellow and ever so slightly on the yellow side - never the blue side tending toward magenta - no - not THAT pink.

Please enjoy some of my pink work:

The everlasting Pink Cupcake - as a poster in my Etsy shop

which was featured in this TREASURY, curated by Mollie at Rough Magic Creations, today:
Also in my Etsy shop 

"Kristofer's Mandala" iPhone5 case from my CafePress shop
Also from my CafePress shop HERE

...and a Galaxy 4 case from my Society6 shop

Here's a link to my Everything Pink board on Pinterest:

......and my Pink Christmas board too: 
Have a lovely perfectly pink day everyone - Patricia
 My favourite pink poppy "Victoria Louise" - sadly she didn't make it through this last winter so I need to find more to plant for next year!!

And please meet Mr. Earl E. Byrd - a charming pink worm ornament made by my friend Faith over at Dab Hands on Etsy 
Isn't that the sweetest picture of a worm you've ever seen?

As of July 1st 'follow my blog' is becoming defunct so I have joined Bloglovin' and you can follow me there by clicking the link below - thanks!! Patricia

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