Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'd love it if you'd vote for my design at Spoonflower

I haven't entered a competition over at Spoonflower for quite some time - it's not that I haven't wanted to but none of the recent competition subjects have intrigued me or been appropriate for my style. So I was glad when they announced a competition for "Farmers Market" because my "Created by Mother Nature" fabric was designed to celebrate the wondrous bounty of Mother Nature and the hard work of your local farmer, and by default the amazing Farmers Market that dot this land and supply us with all their wonderful fruit and veg.

Please click HERE to go to the voting page - you do have to go through the 19 pages, you can only vote once per computer and I can't tell you which page my design is on as they have a shuffle programme so it's different for each new person to the site.

MANY THANKS in advance for your vote, I really appreciate it!!

This design, which was originally created in watercolour on paper, is also available on many different items, including those seen below, in my CafePress shop HERE
Surely you'll need this apron when you are cooking all your local fresh veggies!
...and you'll need this tote to tote all your fruit and veg homewards!
...and you'll need this 't' whilst your shopping at the Farmers Market to declare to the farmers how much you appreciate their work
...and you'll need this iPad case for when you're looking up recipes for all the fruit and veg you've acquired
 Large art posters and other sundry, wondrous items adorned with this design are also available at my Society6 shop HERE

Thanks so much for voting and off to the Farmers Market with you - it is the weekend!!

Vote HERE please :)