Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holiday Recipe Round Up - because some need to be made early, some need practice and some could be for Thanksgiving too!

Making a traditional Christmas Fruit Cake is quite the undertaking - you have to round up all those lovely ingredients, which could include making your own candied/glaceed citrus peel then you have to bake it nice and early - like right now - and store it in a nice tight cake tin to develop it's lovely favours then a few days before the day itself you need to cover it in marzipan and ice it with Royal Icing - so thus the post at this time of the year. Click on the name below to go to the recipe in my blog archives:

Here's a recipe for one you could bake much closer to Christmas if you don't have time to do it now:

...and then there's the Christmas Pudding - which should traditionally be made on Stir-Up Sunday - this year it falls on November 22nd - again this is a recipe that really improves with aging.
The hearty ingredients for a very traditional Christmas Pudding

My personal favourite:
Full of wonderful New England ingredients like cranberries and pumpkin and with a good dash of tea soaked raisins - yum!!!
 An unusual pudding:
This could become a Thanksgiving holiday tradition?
Here's is a play on Christmas Puddings and is a quick and easy make for anytime over the holiday season:
 This little delight might need some practice to make perfect but is always an impressive site when brought ceremonially to the after dinner table:
 And last but certainly not least the wonderful anytime of the year but especially on Christmas Day or New Year's Eve - a luscious confection of jelly (I made mine vegetarian) English custard, homemade Ladyfingers and lashings of whipped cream:

'Tis the season to enjoy baking and cooking and cosy toes cups of tea by the fire - so please have fun!!

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