Friday, November 20, 2015

My 2016 Calendar Design - various and sundry items adorned with, and links to such!

I recently created my 2016 Calendar design for this years Spoonflower Tea Towel Competition - thank you to all the lovelies who voted for me there :)
 and now it's live and ready to be purchased on items big and small.

At Spoonflower you can buy a fat quarter of Linen (27" x 18") for a wonderfully large sized Tea Towel - you will have to sew the edges yourself but then you have a great 'homemade' gift for the coming gift giving season - click HERE to go to my shop.

At Etsy shop you can purchase my Calendar on
SHOWER CURTAINS - a witty way to know the day and date first thing in the morning - a WALL HANGING - up to 88" x 104" - a wonderful and attractive gift for a business, dorm room or home office!

A blank inside small, neat NOTEBOOK journal (5.2" x 7.3")
Calendar on the front cover - Blue Rhapsody textile design on the back. 

And as framed and unframed PRINTS:
Thanks for stopping by - as always I can customize, to a certain extent, many of my products so just be in touch via FACEBOOK - or there's a message form/box in the right sidebar of this log, and I'll see what I can do!

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