Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Please may I ask for your vote?

This is my entry into this month's "Double Take'" Spoonflower/Betabrand Challenge - the brief was to create a design that was either a trompe l'oeil (I went this way) or something that could be seen two ways - like an Escher print. 

I painted up a realistic daylily from my garden in watercolour and separately a cut work or lace pattern to look 3D and then subtly 'threaded' the daylily 'through' the background design. It's quiet but I hope not too subtle for the brief!
And what an unusual colour palette for me - I am normally very multicolour so just violet and orange is a new direction.

I will be populating my POD's with this design in the next few days and will do another blog post with all the links.

In the meantime please
for me (by clicking on the word vote) - there are a lot of entries and they are shuffled for each voter so thanks so much for taking the time from your day - very appreciated!

Here is the link to my design in my SPOONFLOWER SHOP

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