Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our little town

Today in Belfast, Maine we celebrated the launch of three Hereshoff 30 foot Buzzard Bay yachts which were restored by our amazing local boatbuilders, French and Webb. The boats are each over one hundred years old and Belfast being the old boatbuilding town that she is many of her citizens showed up to watch the triple launch, which in and of itself was a tour de three lorries backing the boats simultaneously into the harbour...madness I tell you but it was accomplished with narry a bump or scratch!!

James and I are fond of Belfast Harbour as we arrived here by boat and lived on the dock for a couple of months before setting roots down in this great little town at the top of Penobscot Bay.....The weather today was beautiful and to see the flags flying from the masts, the floral wreaths on the bow sprits and smell the fresh sea breeze mixed with the perfume of the salt roses that line the harbour made the festivities complete...smooth sailing to the boats and Bon Voyage!


Rima said...

Hello Patricia.. what a lovely comment - thank you! I have never been described as gallimaufry before!! :)
Yes do link me up! Thank you :) I'll do likewise..
And I'll check out the manuscripts you mentioned.. I think I might know of that nature illuminated book...
All best wishes

hyde&seek said...

What a wonderful place for a creative mind to live in. I love the east coast marine towns.