Saturday, June 19, 2010

A bouquet worthy of Fantin-Latour!!

WOW! I wish you could smell these paeonias!! A subtle, old-fashioned, elegant fragrance that wafts and whispers so beautifully! This is just one bouquet from a plant that is sporting about five times this many blooms. Thank you Paeonia!!
When I see a prolific and exuberant bouquet like this it always reminds me of the time at Poly. doing my Foundation Course in Art and Design when I had to copy a Fantin-Latour painting as an ETCHING!!! OMG it nearly killed me but I did it and thus my appreciation for said Master's bouquets was born....they are so luscious and drool worthy, he captures the soul of the flowers, their volume and really can almost smell his paintings.
Happy Glorious Saturday in Maine...the breeze is blowing great billows of rosa rugosa through the open windows and the birdsong fills the air!!
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