Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who is this little Rascal??

Goodness gracious...who is this Rascal Bear from Maine with his dapper little silk scarf and winning smile?? Why it's Monty and I made him in the last couple of days from leftover home decor fabric a good friend of mine in New York sent to me to use as was my wont.
I have pondered the proposed usage, some pieces are large enough to make clothes from, BEAUTIFUL clothes (and Yeh right...WHEN am I ever going to get around to that and Oh YEH...making clothes used to drive me demented and many's the time I wanted to fling the sewing machine out the window!!), other pieces are long enough to make lovely scarves and possibly handbags but what to do with the small pieces that don't seem quite big enough for anything practical??
PRACTICAL?...why must it be practical...I have wanted to make small Teddy Bears for many a long year now and then DING...this is the perfect material to make little Teds from and thus my new string to an already full bow is born. The pattern I used is actually for a bear that ends up being 3 inches tall......not a good idea for my first attempt so I scanned and enlarged and here's my first Ted, completely hand sewn, which is so much more fun than machine sewing in my book!!...he is filled with leftover scraps of the fabric I actually used for him (is that cannibalism??...is he a Haggis...Ha ha!!) and also buckwheat husks which are available in bulk at the Belfast Coop at an extraordinarily reasonable price. He is finished with criss cross stitches over the seams in leftover wool from my adventures in handtufted rugs.
I am already planning my next Ted...from some large weave pink silk Chanel looking fabric...very fetching and I shall 'stuff' Milady not only with buckwheat husks but also some lavender flowers for a slight delightful fragrance!!
I'll be adding my Monty to my Etsy shop later today after I have designed and printed a little Certificate of Authentication with date of birth etc and also to my Facebook Store...yes I have a store on Facebook...isn't that amazing?
Feedback on Monty is requested and appreciated!!
And here's a stunning lavender iris for you!!
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