Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fried Oreos and a salmon pink poppy!!

Look how cute!!! Deep fried can one resist!
James and I were recently in Lewiston, Maine on a picture perfect day and we decided to stop at a place we hadn't been to before for a spot of lunch...Val's Drive-In. I am happy to report we were not disappointed...the food was great...I had an excellent veggie burger, the portions were the perfect size...not huge and overwhelming...and the piece de resistance was...ta dah!! Deep Fried Oreos.....they were delicious
Our little friend the Oreo set against the backdrop of the All American Val's Drive-In...who could ask for anything more!!
The waitresses at Val's bidding us a fond farewell....
and a portrait of Jennifer our happy, friendly, attentive server. Thanks Jennifer!!...we'll be back.
I know this is not related to the Fried Oreos but this flower came out in the last couple of days and I just had to share it with you because the colour is THE perfect pink and the flower itself is beyond beautiful...the inside is the most evanescent smoky grey purple...almost indescribable...
more buds are ready to bloom in the next few days!!! Lucky me!!
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