Saturday, August 8, 2015

May I ask you to vote for my Twirling Pink Cupcakes design?

Hello Friends! This week I entered my "Twirling Pink Cupcakes" textile design into this week's Spoonflower challenge called "After School Snacks"

Would you please do me the honour of voting for me?
It may take a minute or two - the images are shuffled for each voter so I can't say where the image will be when you click through - no logging in involved!

Thanks so much in advance for your vote - most humbly appreciated by yours truly :)

Here's a LINK to my blogpost, ever so long ago, about the creation of my Pink Cupcake illustration

Here's a pic of the start of my next Spoonflower competition entry for the Fabric8 contest this year - Wild Maine Blueberries - which, by the way, are being harvested right now - YUM!!

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