Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Christmas gift round up with some fun new items from my shops.

 ACRYLIC BLOCKS new to my Redbubble shop - available in all my designs. Wonderful on a shelf or coffee table and NO need to frame - yea!!!
Click HERE to peruse
(wherever you see bold capitals that is a clickable link)

Also in my Redbubble shop - my first ever calendar - you could even customize your CALENDAR (click on the capitalized calendar to bob along there and see each page) by perusing my portfolio and messaging me the titles of the designs you want with their month order - a tad clumsy but surely very possible :)

My favourite scarves - also from the inimitable Redbubble - 55" square, very smooth, perfectly printed and nicely finished - I am a fan!

Click HERE to visit all my scarf designs

and now for party attire - my fun capri and ankle leggings at ETSY

and A-Line Dresses at REDBUBBLE

Home decor items for a quick redo include wall tapestries from both REDBUBBLE
 and rectangular pillows at SOCIETY6
For tabletop items including Cocktail Napkins
dinner napkins...
and placemats - please visit my ROOSTERY shop
and for stocking stuffers how about HARDBOUND NOTEBOOKS  (these can be customized and made available through my Etsy shop for a small fee)
STICKERS also make great stocking stuffers too

and new GALLERY ARTBOARDS from my Redbubble shop

and last, but by far not least, you can now purchase ready to make or even custom made to order Christmas Stockings from SPROUT PATTERNS
when you click on the words sprout patterns above it will take you to a page where when you click add designs you can input my name "PatriciaSheaDesigns" in the 'search' box drop down for 'designer' and all my available patterns come up for you to chose the ones you'd like for your Christmas Stocking - then a mock up of such miraculously appears and you can chose to purchase a pattern template ready to sew yourself or have it custom sewn by Sprout. Ta dah!! Print on demand is amazing!!
A "PINK CHRISTMAS" mock up I made using my Kimono Bouquet and Pink Paisley patterns.
As with all orders this time of the year the sooner you place them the better and all my items are custom made to order so that applies doubly!
Thanks for taking a look and be in touch with any questions or requests - there's a contact form in the right hand column of this blog :)
Here's a link to all my online shops on my website - just click my name below